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Test of halogen headlight bulbs

The demand for halogen bulbs usually increases in the fall and winter season, when more than half of the daylight hours are at dusk and darkness. Our halogen headlight bulbs experts several popular halogen bulbs by their light intensity. Modern automotive halogen lamps, which differ from their previous generation counterparts with increased intensity of radiation, have long been listed as the most purchased additional electrical equipment used by drivers in the tuning. 

Today, the demand for such products is quite high, which is associated primarily with the seasonal increase in darkness and autumn slushy weather, significantly reducing visibility on the road. Therefore, we consider it useful to regularly publish expert advice on the competent use of these devices, which, as a rule, always arouses the increased interest of motorists.

These products we compared with each other, estimating the intensity of luminescence with the help of a special device - luxmeter. In the test, all the lamps were alternately fixed in the socket of regular round car headlights with lux meter was at a distance of one and a half meters from the light source under study. Let's say right away: the selected samples, having the same power, have different color temperature, which, remember, is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). This parameter determines the strength of the light flux and the features of its perception by the human eye. For reference: the lower limit of the color temperature of sunlight is about 4500 K. 

High-quality lamps with an optimal color temperature of 4300 K, which is commonly used by automakers, have a radiation spectrum close to the sun. Such devices provide the most natural lighting, familiar to our vision. By the way, the word "high quality" we have used not by chance - in the market now presents a mass of different kinds of halogens, the light characteristics of which even with the manufacturer's claimed color temperature of 4300 K is far from ideal. Let alone lamps, where this figure is much higher than the "optimum"! In other words, the higher the color temperature, the less the luminous flux, and therefore the road will be lit worse. What, in general, clearly confirmed the results of our research.

Source: https://lampsap.com


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